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Kungut Hotel & Resort

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The Resort Center "Kungut" is located in the northeast Sheki district, 20 km from the Sheki town centre, 6 km from the main highway Sheki - Oguz - Baku, in the village of Bash Kungut, in the picturesque foothills of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, at an altitude of 1300 m above the sea.

The recreation area is surrounded by the forests and steep cliffs. It is worth to come here and experience this wonderful world. There is a restaurant for guests up to 80 people. And as for the more interesting of the time provided room with billiards and table tennis.


Single in double room - 45 AZN

Double / Twin - 60 AZN

Suite Room ( 2 person ) - 80 AZN

Suite Room ( 3 person ) - 100 AZN

Total rooms - 13

General accommodation - 31 - 35 pax


Kungut Hotel & Resort

Kungut Hotel & Resort

Kungut Hotel & Resort

Kungut Hotel & Resort

Contact us:

Address: Sheki District, village of Bash Kungut. AZ 5500
Phone: +994 55 325 36 33
+994 55 217 00 00 / +994 50 781 11 03

Azerbaijan, Sheki

E - mail: admin@kungut.az

Please write to us with your comments


Tourism services

"Kungut Hotel & Resort" understands that people’s interest in travel will never cease. The thirst for discovering different cultures, experiencing new adventures, colors, tastes, textures, sounds, smells and emotions is an essential part of traveling and "Kungut Hotel & Resort" is ready to provide all of this to its customers.

Among the services provided by the "Kungut Hotel & Resort" are: reservation of air ticket, booking of hotels and VIP rooms, car rental and airport transfers, visa support, tour packages for different types of recreational activity, including hiking, wellness tourism, hunting and fishing, and much more.